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THG Preference #2: Sleeping

can you please do a hunger games preference on how you two sleep together? thanks x

* * *


When the two of you went to sleep, you entangled your legs with his, he wrapped his arms around you, and you stayed like that the whole night. He needed to be close to you, and you him. The pair of you needed the constant notion of touching, it was comforting for you both. There was no better way for you to sleep.


In District Thirteen, there was never a time where Gale wasn’t worrying. You noticed he was the most paranoid at night, because he wasn’t awake to sense danger. When you slept, he wrapped you securely in his arms. He pressed kisses to your forehead throughout the night, so he was absolutely sure you were safe and sound.


Bedtime was always lovely for you, because Finnick made it that way. You never left his arms—he made sure of that—and usually, your whole night was filled with smiles, giggles, and kisses. You loved everything about it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

BONUS — The 74th Annual Hunger Games Fallen Tributes


When Marvel was upset, he locked himself in his room and slept. You knew he had problems with his parents, so he would come over often, looking to get away and sleep. Whenever that happened, you made sure to cuddle in with him. He just needed you to be there with him.


Cato was always at the training center, always practicing, always working, never stopping. More often than not, he came home absolutely exhausted. Sometimes, he couldn’t even make it changing out of his dayclothes. But even when he could barely stand because he was so tired, he always grabbed a tight hold of your hand and dragged you with to him when he collapsed on the bed. Even when he was dead tired, he always needed you next to him to sleep soundly.


When the two of you slept, you wrapped yourself around him. Not that he minded. You loved using his chest as a pillow. You loved hearing his heart a slow breaths, lulling you to sleep. You loved his strong arm wrapped securely around your waist. And even though he teased you for being a “monkey,” you knew he loved it just as much as you.

* * *

hellooooo! here’s part 2 of that request :) this was so fun to write!! i hope you all liked it hehe :)

- olivia <3

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THG Preference #1: Kisses

can you please do a hunger games preference on how they kiss you?

* * *


After everything that had happened to you and Peeta, the two of you were fairly broken people. No one understood your type of pain except for Peeta, and vice versa. When things got bad for either of you, Peeta knew to give you a slow kiss. It calmed you down, and it was comforting for both of you to know somebody loved you.


No matter how much time you and Gale spend in that forest together, he can never seem to get enough of you. Not that you minded—you were so in love with him. With the revolution in full swing, you never knew which moment with him would be your last. In spite of that, Gale was notorious for interrupting you mid-sentense just for a kiss.


Finnick knows his time with you is very subjective—the Capitol has the right to take him away whenever and however long they please. He desperately wants you to know that even if he’s not there with you, that he loves you and is always thinking of you. He tries his best to put all of that into every kiss he gives you.

BONUS: 74th Annual Hunger Games — Fallen Tributes


Cato was worried about his Games, he really was. But no one—no one at all—was allowed to know that. Not even you. The Games wasn’t even his biggest worry; what he was scared of was you worrying. And whenever you voiced your worries, no matter how big or small, he put on a smile, peppering kisses all over your face, reminding you that everything was going to be just fine.


It’s the night before Marvel’s Games, and he’s not worried—but you are. You are so, so afraid. He holds you close the entire night, kissing you every chance he gets. He wants to show you he can do this because he loves you. Because of you, he can with these Games. He wants to make you proud.


You are, without a doubt, the only good thing in his life. District Eleven is hardwork 24/7, he’s beaten if his work isn’t considered satisfactory, and he doesn’t even have a family to call his own. But when you came into his life, suddenly it was worth living again. And he reminds you of that with every touch of his lips to yours.

* * *

hiii this is my first preference! i hope you guys like it :) i thought id add the fallen tributes so i could add more to the preference so you guys would like it more! haha let me know if ya want more of these :)

PS: did yall like how i found a josh gif for the peeta one ;)

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Anonymous: can you please do a hunger games preference on how they kiss you and how you two sleep together? thanks x

This is so cute!!! I’m working on it right now :) finally a hunger games request haha! thank you for requesting dear xx

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Anonymous: Can I have one were harry is my older brother and I'm in Griffendor too but I'm secretly dating Draco and Harry finds out and things go to shit?

its posted m’dear! I hope you enjoy :) thank you for requesting!!! <3

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Finding Out

{ A Draco Malfoy Imagine }

Can I have one were harry is my older brother and I’m in Griffendor too but I’m secretly dating Draco and Harry finds out and things go to shit?

“[Y/N]!” You heard an angry voice shout. You were pulled, too quickly, from your slumber by the upset voice of your brother. “[Y/N], get up, we need to talk, now!”

You sat up slowly, still unable to process everything. Harry was standing over your Gryffindor dormitory’s four-post bed, his green eyes raging and fists clenched. You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, your voice crackling when you spoke. “What’re you on about, Harry?”

“Are you or are you not secretly seeing Draco Malfoy?” He hissed, getting straight to the point.

If you weren’t awake before, you sure were now. You had been dating Draco in secret for three months, for fear of Harry finding out…exactly how he had just now. You knew the two boys absolutely loathed each other, but you saw Draco in a very different light. To you, he was…sweet. Gentle. Confused, a bit, but you couldn’t blame him. He was being pulled in so many different directions, like he was some sort of puppet. But you knew the real him. And that was not the boy that Harry thought he hated.

“Well?! Are you?!” Harry seethed, his face getting redder by the second.

“I—I, um, w-what makes you think that?” You stuttered, swallowing hard. You knew this wouldn’t end well.

“I saw you both yesterday, on the Quidditch grounds. Do you recall?” Sarcasm dripped from his tongue, and his jaw was tightly clenched.

You mentally hit yourself for being so careless, and thought back to the day before…

You walked through the snowy outdoor grounds, your gloved hand clasped warmly in Draco’s. It was nearing dinnertime, the two of you were safe out here. You just wanted to have some time with him, without being secretive.

“You know… I got you something.” Draco’s quiet voice whistled through the chilly winds, right up to your ear.

You blushed, a small smile on your face. “Draco, you didn’t have to get me anything.”

“Well, yeah, I didn’t have to. But I wanted to.” He lightly detangled his fingers from yours, pulling a small box out of his pocket, placing it in your palm.

You opened the pretty velvet box, revealing an intricate silver ring. It was thin, and swirled into a beautiful design. The closer you looked, you saw it was a loopy, cursive “D”.

“I know, pretty cheesy. But… I thought you would like it. This way you can carry me with you…since we can’t exactly be very publicly together.” He chuckled quietly.

You tossed your glove into your bag, immediately sliding the tiny ring onto your middle finger. You wasted no time in throwing your arms around the blonde boy. “I love it. I love it so much. Thank you.” You kissed his lovely, chapped lips and he smiled. It was snowing more now over the two of you, but neither of you seemed to care much at all.

Suddenly you were brought back to your dormitory, and an angry Harry was still hovering over you. Looking down at the middle finger of your left hand—no longer bare—you gathered a bit of courage.

You looked up at Harry, and nodded. “I am.”

Harry’s eyes, if possible, seemed to bulge even more. “Are you serious [Y/N]?! I’m not going to let my baby sister date that toshpot! Are you mad?!”

“Don’t call him that, please, Harry.” You sighed, trying your best to remain calm. “You know him very differently than I do.”

“To hell with that!” Harry countered, his voice escalating. “He’s a Slytherin, [Y/N], and a complete arse! He’s going to grow up to be a Death Eater!”

“No he’s not!” You burst out, standing up. “I know that for a fact! He won’t, Harry, he’s different! I don’t care what you say, Harry. He holds my heart. I’m sorry.”

And with that, you left the room.

Harry didn’t follow.

You knew he was fuming, and that this would take some getting used to for him. But you knew he would eventually come around. He was your brother, after all. He would have to deal with the fact that you were falling in love with Draco Malfoy.

* * *

Hellooooooo here’s a request!!! sorry the ending is kind of shit haha

I hope you all enjoy :) if I haven’t gotten to your request, please be patient! I have lots, but they’re coming :)

- Olivia <3

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Anonymous: can you write a ron imagine? thank you!

It’s posted love! I hope you enjoy :) thanks for requesting!

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